Android App Development Training

Since it’s evolution Android has gain the maximum popularity among smartphones and today more than 70% of smartphone users are using android OS. The Android platform today has provided great careers and opportunities in application development. From entertainment, to education, to organizations all are developing applications for android and it has become a trend to develop application along with website.

Our professional Android program to designing and building Android mobile applications will give a kick start to your career in Android and will help you develop and strengthen your Android development career.

Android App Development for Beginners

Course Syllabus

    • History of Android and Android Versions
    • API Levels and Devices
    • Installation & configuration of Android Development Tools
    • Android application framework
    • Security Sand box
    • Sharing Content between to apps
    • Building Your First App, Supporting Different Devices
    • Interacting with other Apps
    • Developing, debugging your first Application Launching emulator-Android virtual Device
    • Introduction to ADM, Functions of Logcat
    • Project Folder Structure, Resources in Android Project
    • Understanding Project Configuration file
    • Activities, Services, Content Providers, Broadcast receivers
    • Activity Life Cycle, Service Working, Service Life Cycle
    • Introduction to Intent, Working with Intents
    • Explicit Intent, Implicit Intent, Intent for result
    • Screen size, Screen density, Orientation, Resolution, Density independent pixel (dp)
    • Views, Layouts (Frame Layout , Linear Layout , Table Layout , Relative Layout , Absolute Layout)
    • Toast Notification, Dialogs (Alert Dialog, Progress Dialog)
    • Status bar Notification, Snack Bar
    • Options Menu, Context Menu, Sub menu, Popup Menu, Action Bar Menu
    • Linkify Examples: Web URLs, Email address, text, map address, phone numbers
    • Array Adapters , Base Adapters, Custom Adapters, List View
    • Threads running on UI thread, Worker thread, Handlers, Runnable, AsynTask
    • Basic UI design using XML, Introduction to Animations
    • Shared Preferences, Internal Storage, External Storage, SQLLite
    • Working with WebView, Consume Web api (RESTful)
    • Introduction to LocationManager
    • How to Publish App on Google Play Store, How to put Ad mob (ads) in app
    • Music Player, Video Player, Login/Registration Project (using SQLite), App to get current whether details of any city (using Web API), Caller ID demo app (using Broadcast Receiver)

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