Google Analytics Course In Mumbai

Learning Google analytics is important because it helps you find out, whether your marketing activities are performing well or not? Relevant information extracted from analytics can be used to improve the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising strategies. Learn Blue offer in-depth Google Analytics Training Program which helps you understand your website traffic so that you can drive your campaigns in the right direction and thus improve the ROI of your online business.

Google Analytics is a perfect tool to justify your marketing spends, generate more sales and reduce cost per conversion. Our advanced Google Analytics Training helps professionals make successful career in corporate companies.

Google analytics certification program


Google analytics is the tool by which we can analysis various factors such as online advertisement, audience characteristics and behavior, campaign analysis and in depth analysis of data. Well, that’s where Learn Blue’s Google analytics training in Mumbai comes into the picture; by employing a given set of strategies and techniques, we impart training on how to generate and drive more traffic from search engines. We teach you on how to harness the information hidden in this data by analyzing it thoroughly thereby helping capture information which has eluded the best analytical minds in your organization. We help you discover what is happening on your website and why is it happening.

Google Analytics helps in measuring how your site visitors interact with you is essential to optimizing your online activities. With our unique visualization of data, we make use of technology and our extensive domain experience to interactively analyze both unstructured and structured data seamlessly. Data is at the heart of whatever we do and our expert team’s dependable intelligence coupled with actionable insight helps you discover hidden opportunities without putting a strain on your company's personnel and infrastructural resources. Additionally, we have assisted some of the world’s largest organizations prepare for future trends, with tailored and scalable solution options handing them a distinct competitive edge.


  • We at Learn Blue take pride in employing the most effective and efficient Google analytics courses in Mumbai. We offer top-of-the-line services which will not only help drive more traffic and generate new leads but also result in increasing your ROI so that your business always stays ahead of the competition.
  • We enable organizations to make informed decisions at all levels of business by using data analytic solutions to help uncover and explore data so that they are equipped with critical, real-time information that empowers them to create actionable strategies at all times to turn problems into successful business outcomes.
  • Learn Blue’s data analytic expertise and capabilities help you improve your organization's competitive advantage and decision-making skills by helping reveal priceless customer and business insights to drive your organization's growth.
  • Besides promoting your website and getting leads, once you are done with our Google analytics courseyou will also have the skills to effectively analyze your competition, potential visitors and the marketplace, on the whole, thus proving that an investment in our Google analytics training in Mumbaicould be the best money you ever spent for showcasing your website and business.

Explore the best Concepts

The Importance of Digital Analytics:
  • A complete evaluation of your website structure and setup so that you can understand where the traffic is coming from.
  • A correction to the site structure and internal links, if needed so that you can enhance your online visibility among targeted audience and current customers.
Collecting actionable steps form Google Analytics:
  • Measure the search demand for your services or products so that you’re able to reach out to a global audience.
Navigating Google Analytics Reports:
  • Constantly measure overall performance and adjust strategy accordingly and detailed analysis via monthly position report.
Navigating Conversion Reports:
  • Measure Lowest costs per customer acquisition thus helping you attains higher ROI.

Course Syllabus

    • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code
    • Working with Report Data
    • Audience Overview
    • Sessions, Users, Page views
    • Traffic Sources
    • Demographics
    • Geographical overview
    • Audience Interest Overview
    • Ecommerce Reports
    • Audience Behaviors report
    • Account Administration
    • ampaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
    • Goals in Google Analytics
    • Filters in Google Analytics
    • Cookies and Google Analytics
    • E-commerce Tracking
    • Domains and Subdomains

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