Ms Excel 2013 Training in Mumbai

Every organization demands the use of commercial applications with expertise to manage confidential data such as financial data. Microsoft Excel is one such application that is capable of performing complex calculations, analysing data, recording your formulas, and integrating information from various other applications. Microsoft excel is frequently used by students, professionals and majorly by financial firms or in accounting and finance department of any organization.

Microsoft Excel Training in Mumbai

Why Learn Blue?

Learn Blue’s Microsoft Excel 2013 training in Mumbai gives you comfort of complex calculation on the go, analyse your own data in all possible scenarios and present data statistically.

Course Syllabus

    • Overview of Ms. Excel
    • Exploring the Excel Workbook
    • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Working with the ribbons
    • Creating a Workbook
    • Saving a Workbook
    • Editing a Workbook
    • Printing a Workbook
    • Entering data
    • The fill handle
    • Shortcuts of selecting cells
    • Insertion, Deletion of Rows, columns and cells
    • Working with font, font size, colors, formatting
    • Merging cells
    • Adding borders
    • Use of format painter
    • Basic mathematical formulas of addition, subtraction, multiplication,division
    • Working wiith Excel Autosum formulas : SUM,AVERAGE,MIN,MAX,COUNT Make use of Named Cells and Ranges
    • 3D referencing
    • Formulas across worksheets
    • Enhancing worksheets using themes
    • Working with Comments
    • Create your Auto-fill List
    • Turning data into tables for formatting
    • Creating various charts
    • Inserting smart graphics
    • Grouping of graphics
    • Applying passwords to restrict formatting on worksheet
    • Saving workbook with Password protection

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