Complete PHP Training in Mumbai

PHP also known as Hypertext Preprocessor one of the most popular web development tool used for developing strong websites. PHP also provides a programming tool that makes the backend of website aesthete. There is a great career opportunity for developers having best knowledge of developing the niche in PHP.

PHP Online Course

Course Syllabus

    • Understanding variables: Referencing variables, Constant variables, global variables
    • PHP statements
    • The “IF” Statement
    • “SWITCH” Statements
    • The “WHILE” Structure
    • The “DO-WHILE” Structure
    • The “FOR” Loop
    • Multidimensional arrays with foreach looping
    • Navigating Arrays
    • HTML5 Multimedia
    • Sorting Arrays Serialization
    • Why use functions
    • Variable scope
    • Creating and using functions
    • Functions with Parameters returning values
    • Configuring Users in MYSQL
    • Creating Databases and Tables
    • MYSQL datatypes
    • Basic MYSQL commands
    • Using phpMyAdmin
    • Using MySQL with PHP
    • Connecting to MySQL
    • Choosing a database
    • Querying a database
    • Retrieving results
    • Useful MySQL functions in PHP
    • Session Tracking With Built in PHP Functions
    • Session Tracking With Databases
    • Build typical applications like content management system, shopping cart, payment processing

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