Pay Per Click Certification in Mumbai

The Pay Per Click (PPC) landscape is constantly evolving with rapid changes in technology and consumer tastes. We at Learn Blue are PPC specialists trainers who have the right mix of expertise, technology and approach all backed up with sophisticated tools and software to ensure you’re up to speed on various aspects of Pay Per Click advertising.

Paid search activity is always one step ahead of the competition and at the forefront of digital innovation. Our tailor-made PPC campaigns management and Google AdWords training in Mumbai have proven to be not only the quickest way to attract more leads and enquiries onto a website but also puts a website on the front page of all top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Our Google Adwords courses have helped increase the online presence of several of our clients exponentially and cost a fraction of what it costs elsewhere, giving you the best return on your investment. Also it helped to all our students to kickstart their career into digital marketing with PPC and Google Adwords course. Our experts are well aware of the latest trends and how major platforms work and thus assure you that your PPC course is well structured and efficiently managed. We have a well-defined set of procedures on how we implement your PPC course, detailed as under:

Google Adwards Course Mumbai


We understand the industry and hence believe in facilitating our students with right direction to their career path. Our skilled team works tirelessly around the clock to gain an understanding of the business and the industry, on the whole, thus helping youdevelop a strong awareness of campaign settings, how to structure a campaign, and figure out pricing models. Our team conducts ample research by analyzing niche keywords, business patterns, and key phrases that are likely to have the highest conversion rate. We help you get a firm and intricate understanding of the differences between various search engines and how each one can run effective campaign


We help you understand and analyze the past and future Pay Per Click trends so that you canoptimize your firm’s PPC campaign by implementing a truly bespoke strategy to ensure you that their adverts are displayed to the right set of people, at the right time and place. Our training encompasses the use of advanced optimization techniques and multi-channel reporting to improve your organizations' Click-Through-Rates (CTR's) thus increasing conversion rates and portraying your firm’s absolute value to all your visitors. We also train you how you can optimize your landing page to ensure the best positioning so that someone visiting your organization's website will surely buy from you thus generating new sales.

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Our ultimate goal is to assure you that you learn Google Adwordsand have the expertise needed to create the most leads so that you can help your organization reach its targets thus boosting their overall ROI and profitability. Additionally, we keep our communication channels open thus offering absolute transparency at all times with our diligent campaign manager. Learn Blue takes the guesswork out of the equation and helps you review the market trends to decipher which PPC campaign works for other marketers thushelping you refine your campaign and making it effective.

Course Syllabus

    • What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
    • Traditional Marketing vs Online marketing
    • Google AdWords
    • Importance & Benefits of PPC
    • Basic of PPC
    • Google Search Marketing
    • Keyword Planners & Methodology
    • What is Keyword Research
    • Importance of targeted keywords
    • Importance of targeted keywords
    • What is bidding?
    • How to increase position on search?
    • Importance of bidding techniques
    • Difference in SEO & PPC keywords
    • Selecting targeted / related keywords
    • Categorizing keywords in Ad Groups What is Quality Score?
    • Bid Management
    • Competitive Analysis for bidding
    • Researching for PPC keywords
    • Analyzing competition keywords
    • PPC keywords tools and resources
    • Effect of Quality Score on bidding?
    • User Defined bids and Automatic Bids
    • Landing Page Introduction
    • Optimizing your landing pages
    • Competitors Website Analysis
    • Ad group Performance Reports
    • Reporting Segments
    • Device Report
    • Ads versus Landing Page
    • Increasing conversion rates
    • Campaign Performance Reports
    • Ads Performance Reports
    • Traffic Reports
    • Importance of Landing Page
    • Using ‘Calls to Action’ Keywords
    • Performance Reports Ads
    • Performance Reports
    • Geographic Report

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