Social Media Training Course

We all are aware about the importance of social media marketing for businesses and organizations. It has become a worldwide trend in which helps businesses and organizations connect with their customer’s online. It’s the only platform available which helps your business to directly connect with the customers.

Social Media Certification Program


In this internet driven world these days, the phenomenal success of the social media channels is hardly surprising. Social Media Courses have become so popular that it has become extremely crucial for the success of a brand/business and one of the chief reasons for the popularity of this service. Social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc and this medium is so effectual that it can generate huge interest about your business to millions of users within the span of a few days.

The primary purpose of Learn Blue’s Social Media courses in Mumbai is to learn how to create and implement an effective social media strategywhile also learning how to optimize the websites along with its products on leading social media communities and outlets. Far more potent and quick as compared to any other type of publicity, Social Media increases visibility multifold on the targeted websites. Right from creating a company profile, launching their fan pages and creating social media profiles, our Social Media experts handle every single aspect of it. From sending periodical posts about topics related to the website’s business and services on these platforms, Learn Blue’s top notch training courses helps popularize the websites on these social media websites.Our social media training in Mumbai teaches the complexities of Social Media Marketing in an interactive and practical approach with hands-on job experience


The key here primarily lies in creating sensational posts that captivate the attention of other users on the media platforms, further prompting them to read the post and share it within their social circles. Each like and share increase the number of links of the websites that work as the back links to the main website. These back links are very strong and contribute a lot for popularizing the websites on the social media outlets. Our course also imparts training on how to add RSS feed, blogging, and forums where people can exchange and share views and ideas with others. This can help increase the value of your organization’s website by following them up with responses to visitor’s queries and formulation of content marketing strategy etc. thereby further increasing the leads and visitors to their website.

We at Learn Blue help you develop the core competencies to build and execute on successful social media marketing strategies. Our in-house experts provide you with Social Mediatips which work as effectively as viral marketing as well as tactics and strategies which you could make use of to enhance your organization’s awareness. Furthermore, we eliminate the clutter by helping you choose what works best for you and enables you to take full advantage of the Social Media Channels that have the potential to drive best ROI for your company’s business. It is specifically designed for all those students who want to make a career in social media and shall be actively involved in the operational aspects of planning and managing social media marketing campaigns

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Learn Blue will equip you with all the skill sets you require to harness the potential of social media for your professional growth. We use a wide array of different Social Media Techniques & Strategies after analyzing your organization’s target market & business goals. We call out to startups, SME’s and enthusiastic individuals to come forward and understand the difference Social Media can make to their existing business and processes. These are some of the many things you will learn to do once you’re done with our Social Media training course:

  • Customized Social Media Strategy&Company Profile Creation on social media channels.
  • Complete handling of Profiles and Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn & Twitter Advertising
  • Unique Post creation, Content Development, Publication & Management
  • Regular Posting on SMCs , Social Media Planning & Implementation
  • Response Tracking Software
  • Use of Webmaster tools&Social Media Content Optimization
  • Social Media Management, Community Management & Administration
  • Social Listening & Research, Blog making & its optimization
  • Drafting of Content Marketing Strategy&Social Media Measurement

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Course Syllabus

    • What is Social Media
    • Importance of Social Media
    • How does it work?
    • Why businesses need it?
    • Integrating social media in websites and blogs
    • Social Media Case Studies
    • Benefits of Social Media
    • How to Influence on Social Media
    • Effect of Social Media on Google Search
    • Choosing right social media
    • Generating word of mouth
    • Viral Marketing
    • Dos and Don’ts
    • Widgets
    • Tips and tricks for interesting articles
    • Publishing and networking via blog Blog promotion
    • Myblog
    • Post updation
    • Blog Commenting
    • StumbleUpon Digg
    • Reditt
    • Delicious
    • Fave It
    • Press Release / News
    • Article creation & Submission
    • Linking Social Media Accounts Importance of Short URL and how to do it
    • Doubts Clearing
    • Content sharing
    • Optimizing Social Media content for Search Engine
    • Building Relationship on Twitter
    • Tools for managing your Tweets
    • Twitter Guidelines
    • Twitter Tools
    • FB Benefits for Business
    • FB Profile Customization
    • FB Fan Pages Customization
    • Promoting FB page
    • FB Engagement and Conversation
    • Being Found in Real Time Search on FB
    • Creating FB Application / Widget
    • FB Advertisement
    • Pros and Cons of using FB LinkedIn Groups
    • How to do link building in LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Pros & Cons of using LinkedIn
    • Twitter Advertising
    • Twitter Campaign Set up & Management
    • Google Plus for Businesses
    • My Space
    • Pinterest
    • Foursquare

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